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How do I make arrangements with Eirene?
How do I make arrangements with Eirene?

Our process is made simple during an incredibly difficult time for your family.

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When you're ready to begin your arrangement, you can either choose to fill out the required information online or call our team of licensed funeral directors who can make the arrangement over the phone.

Once paid, we take it from there and the Eirene care team will pick up your loved one from their place of passing. While your loved one is safely stored in our partner facilities, we manage all necessary paperwork and provide proof of death certificates signed by a licensed funeral director.
Once all required paperwork and permits have been completed, we will proceed with the cremation. Each cremation is dignified, private and individual. Following the cremation, we will hand-deliver the remains to the executor or next of kin.
From here, the process is done, and you and your family can be assured that your loved one has had the best and most dignified care available.

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