Can I mail cremated remains?

The current regulations for Canada Post permits the mailing of cremated remains provided a few steps are taken.

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According to Canada Post, you can transport human remains as long as they meet the following documentation and packaging requirements.

  • You mail them using a trackable parcel service

  • The destination and return addresses are correct and complete

  • The cremated remains are packed in a sealed container and put inside a sift-proof outer container. If the inner container is fragile, you will have to protect it with packing material

  • The cremated remains are accompanied by a certificate of cremation issued by Eirene and placed inside a plastic envelope, attached to the top of the parcel

If you’re shipping cremated remains internationally, please refer to the International Destination Listing for more information about prohibited and restricted items within specific countries.

The Eirene team is always available to help you prepare your shipment and appropriate documentation.

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