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What are interment or scattering rights?
What are interment or scattering rights?

The right to direct the interment or scatter of cremated remains in a cemetery.

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Interment rights: The right to require or direct the interment of human remains in a lot or the disinterment of human remains from that lot. The granting of Interment Rights to a grave does not actually mean you own the land itself but that you have the Right to direct burials and memorials in the assigned space, subject to the cemetery bylaws and government regulations. The land remains the property of the licenced cemetery operator.

Scattering rights: The right to scatter cremated remains in a cemetery. If you are the scattering rights holder, you may scatter cremated remains in a designated place within the cemetery, in accordance with its bylaws.

Before you make a purchase, each cemetery must provide:

• Its current price list;

• Its by-laws; and

• An explanation of any restrictions on the rights you are buying (such as restrictions on memorialization options, monuments, etc.).

Contact a cemetery directly, compare prices and review the by-laws before you decide where to inter or scatter your loved ones' remains.

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