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What is pre-need life insurance?
What is pre-need life insurance?

Funeral insurance allows families to pre-fund their pre-arranged funeral.

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Note: Prepaid arrangement services are only available in Ontario and Nova Scotia at this time.
When someone purchases pre-need coverage, they work directly with a funeral home to plan their funeral and then buy a funeral insurance policy to cover the expenses of those funeral goods and services, in a monthly, quarterly or annual payment.
Funeral insurance differs from conventional life insurance in that the death benefit, or value, is assigned to a designated funeral provider. This helps eliminate the emotional burden put on family members when planning final arrangements because many of the decisions have already been addressed. The money is set aside and paid out directly to the funeral home within a few days. Your service provider also has all pertinent information needed for planning already on file, which allows us to start assisting you as soon as is necessary.

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