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How do I start the pre-need process?
How do I start the pre-need process?

We can help determine if Eirene is the provider for you, and we can setup a meeting discuss the services we offer.

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Note: Prepaid arrangement services are only available in Ontario and Nova Scotia at this time.

The pre-need process should begin at home. Initiate a conversation with family and friends to discuss end-of-life choices and available resources to fund funeral plans.
You have multiple options available to you to take the first step, and take care of your family. We can connect

If you have already selected Eirene as your preferred cremation provider in Ontario, and you would like to relieve this right away, you do have the option to visit our website and take care of everything, including payment and contract, online, right from your home. And of course, we can also handle everything over the phone, or in person if you prefer.

If you are in Nova Scotia, please reach out so we can discuss your wishes and connect with our final expense planner who will setup your payment.

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