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Is pre-planning for seniors only?
Is pre-planning for seniors only?

No, funeral insurance is available to everyone, regardless of age or life stage.

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Note: Prepaid arrangement services are only available in Ontario and Nova Scotia at this time.

No. Funeral pre-planning is suitable for any stage of life. It is never too early or too late to take care of this emotional task for your family. We never know when it may need to be used, or the circumstances your family will be under when they need to make very difficult decisions.

Pre-planning means that you can lock in today’s price, regardless of when the plan will be used. If you don’t need it for 25 years, and we hope you don’t, you will not be charged the increased price later on. With the cost of funerals and cremations doubling roughly every 15 years, that is a significant savings for you and your family

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